• B.Easy - Your Customized Face Cream
  • B.Easy - Your Customized Face Cream

B.Easy - Your Customized Face Cream

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STRONG : for dry, dehydrated skin, over 45, very suitable to cold and dry climates, absorbs in 5-10 min.

MEDIUM : for normal, dry or sensitive skin, over 35, suitable to continental climate, absorbs in 5-10 min.

SOFT : suitable to all skin types, by the age of 30 and on, all types of climate, absorbs in 5 minutes

ULTRA SOFT : suitable to all skin types, bu the age of 20 years and on, to all weather conditions, especially hot/humid, absorbs in 2 min.

SOFT GEL : suitable to all skin types, especially for those with small impurities or imperfections, by the age of 20 and on, to all weather conditions, absorbs in 1 min.


AGE-PROTECT : with Candle extract against photo-aging

ANTIRRUGES : with extract of Cassia Angustifolia botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid

ANTISMOG : with Moringa seed oil extract

CONTOUR&VOLUME : with bio-mimetic Tetrapeptide, stimulant for the formation of collagen

MOISTURIZING : based on Pullulan, a complex sugar, and Hyaluronic Acid

LUMINOUS SKIN : based on specific ursine grapes against skin colour deformities

PERFECT SKIN : contains Salicylic Acid with purifying and sebum-regulating effect

SENSITIVE SKIN : based on Tetrapeptide with repairing and soothing action

REJUVENATING : contains Pyruvic Acid with peeling effect

RESTRUCTURING :with extracts of Euglena Gracilis, an algae with skin repair action


CASHMIR : precious oriental perfume, light and impalpable, woody note mixed with white flowers, mysterious and enveloping aura

GUAIACO WOOD : pinkish, fine, discreet, slightly powdery perfume, with spicy accents, a luminous and graceful woody note

INCENSE AND BLACK PEPPER : penetrating, warm, sweet and balsamic tone, combined with fresh, spicy, woody notes, a vibrant and persistent essence

INDULGING : sensual and luxurious essence, flowery-citrus note, delicate and at the same time dynamic, vital and energetic

VANILLA AND GINGER : encounter of sweet, warm and rich notes of vanilla and spicy, woody, pungent notes of ginger, an aromatic elegant mix but lively