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Active Body

For the treatment of cellulite and body firming. Paraben free.

Cellulite is a phenomenon mainly linked to a suffering in the metabolism of the connective tissue, which induces the formation of fibro-edematous nodules; the correct definition of cellulite would therefore be subcutaneous geloid fibro-edema. Cellulite can be of three different forms, each of them with certain characteristics: diffuse cellulite-localized cellulite-mixed cellulite. The most common form is certainly diffuse cellulite (60%), recognizable in three situations:

TYPE A: affects the lower part of the body, especially the knees, hips, calves and ankles.

TYPE B: affects the thighs, hips and buttocks, causing that characteristic shape of the body called the "pad".

TYPE C: it is the most common type of cellulite because it affects the entire lower part of the body and is the sum of TYPE A + TYPE B.

Localized cellulite, identifiable in 20% of cases, shows the formation of cellulite nodules in a very evident way, preferring areas such as the face, the eye area, the neck, the chest, the breast, the abdomen, the back and the pelvic joint, and is most prevalent in women who do not suffer from obesity. Mixed cellulite is detectable in the remaining 20% ​​of cases, affects both the upper and lower parts of the body and above all affects women with obesity and poorly balanced eating habits. On the other hand, skin relaxation is a phenomenon that occurs in particular on the most superficial layer of the skin, making it soft and withered. This is mainly due to a loss of fluids and consequent decrease in elastin and collagen. The purpose of a toning product is to act specifically on the skin surface, assisting a correct water balance and the reactivation of the functionality of the collagen and elastin fibers.