New technology for the protection of the skin from the damage of photo-induced aging. Paraben free.

80% of UV radiation is the cause of skin aging. Despite the use of sunscreens, UV rays increase the number of oxidizing agents and toxins in the skin. The first to be affected by these agents are stem cells, which are few and essential. Protecting them is therefore a priority. The stem cells of a particular type of vine, the Gamay, contain special epigenetic factors, capable of protecting the stem cells of the skin from UV radiation attacks; they also contain a high concentration of anthocyanins. The latter, powerful anti-oxidants, act as a sun filter, absorbing UV radiation. Grape stem cells in a nutshell: They help stem cells to maintain their characteristics intact

• They protect skin cells from UV rays

• Slow down cell senescence

• They fight photo-aging

• They give a vital and luminous aspect to the skin