• Christmas Pack Antiage Starter Edition

Christmas Pack Antiage Starter Edition

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Christmas Pack Antiage Edition


Day Cream : Intensive day cream with anti-age action. The presence of marine collagen and particular hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans gives the product a valid bio-activating and tissue regenerating action, for a greater hydration and elasticity of the treated skin.

Eye Contour Gel : cream for the eye contour, characterized by a set of vegetable oils (wheat germ, grape seed, avogado, olive) and dermo-fine waxes. In contact with the skin it melts, becoming an eudermic and rebalancing oil.

Biphasic Makeup Remover : An illuminating biphasic makeup remover that combines the effectiveness of the oils (pink phase) with the freshness of a toner (transparent phase) in a single cleansing gesture.