• Complete regenerative stem cell treatment

Complete regenerative stem cell treatment

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The Quantum line, based on red grape stem cells, is dedicated to anti-aging prevention, specifically aimed at protecting the skin from damage caused by solar radiation. It is suitable for all skin types, for all ages. Oil-free, fast-absorbing formulas.

The Quantum Beauty Kit contains :

Quantum Micellar Water 200 ml

Quantum Day Cream 50 ml

Quantum Night Cream 50 ml

Ultimate Lift Serum 30ml

How to use the kit :

In the morning, start with ☀️ :

- Cleansing, with gentle cleansing Micellar Water, does not occlude pores, does not dry the skin.
- I apply ultimate lift serum, massaging slowly over the entire face.
- I then apply a dollop of Quantum Regenerating Day Cream with grape stem cells and ceramides. It is able to slow down the natural aging process of cells and counteract the photo aging process.

At night, before going to bed 🌜:

- I repeat the cleansing, with Quantum Micellar Water.
- I apply Quantum Night Cream, a generous amount, to be massaged in until fully
absorption. This "skin-repair" formulation brings nourishment to the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles and dry areas.