• Christmas kit based on snail extract

Christmas kit based on snail extract

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This Christmas beauty kit contains :

• Tonic Water 200 ml, delicate make-up remover

• Snail slime day cream 50 ml

• Lip contour serum 30 ml

How to use the kit :

In the morning I start with ☀️:
• Cleaning, with Tonic water, a delicate cleanser, does not clog the pores, does not dry the skin.
• I apply lip contour serum, massaging slowly around the lips and on the lips
lip wrinkles
• I then apply a dab of Day Cream based on regenerating snail slime, with natural secretion of snail slime, rich in natural glycolic acid, allantoin, mineral salts and vitamins; hydrates deeply, promotes correct cell turnover, stimulates the removal of the superficial skin layer.

In the evening, before going to sleep moon 🌜 :
• I repeat the cleansing, with Helixir Tonic water
• I apply the Night Cream based on snail slime, a generous amount, to massage until completely absorbed. The snail slime it is rich in regenerates tissues and harmonizes pigmentation for a visible global anti-ageing effect.