How to apply face cream

It is well known that in the field of skincare the choice of cream is fundamental; what many do not know is that the correct method of application can maximize the action of the active ingredients present in the product and allow us to obtain the desired results.

The skin has the peculiar function of protecting our body: it is an important organ, which requires adequate care.

A first way to take care of our face is to choose the cream to use based on your skin type and with a formulation aimed at what you want to achieve.

The second phase consists in applying the face cream correctly and with the right timing. Let's see how to apply the product step by step.


Morning and evening are the best times to apply the face cream, preferably with a massage. Usually, a lot of information can be obtained from the label of the cream, including the type of product and the time of day during which it is most appropriate to apply it.

The day cream has the function of moisturizing and protecting the skin from changes in temperature, sunlight and pollution, and usually has a light texture, which requires less time for application and absorption.

The night cream, on the other hand, has the function of deeply nourishing the skin and, having a more full-bodied texture, requires more time for application.


Once the product suitable for our skin has been identified, any make-up must be removed well before applying the cream. The face must be perfectly clean in order to make the most of the benefits of the product. When cleaning the face, it is good practice to use a specific and non-aggressive cleanser, which is able to thoroughly purify the complexion, followed by the application of the tonic. This operation prevents make-up residues on the skin, together with the cream, from clogging the pores. The face should be washed with warm water, to avoid irritating or drying the skin, and then it should be dabbed with a clean towel.


To obtain the desired results it is necessary to take the right amount of product from the package that corresponds to the size of a hazelnut. The product taken is heated between the hands and applied to the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and neck, and then a massage is performed to distribute it over the entire surface of the face.


To apply the face cream it is useful to know the Langer lines: virtual lines on the face that identify the points where the skin has greater tension and resistance to traction. These areas indicate the passage of the collagen bundles, therefore performing the massage in correspondence with the Langer lines at each stage of the beauty routine helps to keep the skin toned on the face.


To perform the massage, the starting point is the neck, which must be massaged starting from the area below the lobes up to the shoulders. For the central part, on the other hand, the right movement to perform goes from the collarbones to the chin: in this area the massages must be carried out with the open hand, exerting gentle continuous touches.

The facial massage instead starts from the chin and goes up to the lobes and continues from the external corners of the mouth to the ears.

To prevent nasolabial wrinkles, the cream is applied starting from above the lips and continuing to the sides of the nose.

To spread the cream in the forehead area, start from the eyebrows and nose, making movements that reach the hairline. In the latter case, we will move following the direction of imaginary rays that start from the hairline of the nose.

For the eye contour, a particularly delicate area, the ideal is to use the fingertip of the ring finger or little finger, which are able to exert less pressure. In the lower part of the eye, the movement must be performed from the outside to the inside, while on the mobile eyelid the correct movement starts from the inner corner and reaches the outer one. The cream should be gently tapped on the areas to be massaged.

To optimize the effects of the active ingredients and revitalize the skin, the affected areas should be massaged for a few moments, without haste. This will allow us to benefit in peace from the moment dedicated to our skin and to take care of ourselves.