How to figure out what kind of skin type you have (and what cream you need)

It guards the secrets of your DNA, it betrays your eating habits and hormonal imbalances, and has a lot to say about the stressful rhythms of your days... in short, your skin talks about you! Not only is it different from person to person, but it changes according to the stages of life you go through. Understanding what kind of skin you have and what its needs are is important because it will help you choose the right cream for you in that moment.

But identifying your skin type can be difficult: so in this article we guide you through a simple self-analysis of your face and - through your skin characteristics - help you to recognise whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, sensitive or mature.

For each of them we will give you a password: you will learn how to take care of them with a daily skin care suitable for your skin needs.

Once you've made the beauty routine specific to your skin characteristics your own, play the ace up your sleeve: your personalised cream! Discover the combinations of Base + Active B.easy by Dr. Lauranne, the most suitable for all skin types... and in just a few clicks on our website you can create your ideal cream!

1. Dry skin

Dull complexion, irritations, "pulling skin" effect after washing the face
: dry skin is not only delicate but it is also the skin that shows signs of skin aging first because, not being biologically supported by "fat" elements, it is thin and fragile. Let's see how to help her...

Daily skin care: nourishment

The watchword is NUTRITION
. When the skin is dry, we tend to focus on hydration. Error. A moisturizing cream is never rich enough to quench the thirst of an asphyxiated face on its own. Dry skin should be nourished, rather than hydrated, with this simple beauty routine:

1. In the morning: cleansing with cleansing milk + alcohol-free tonic
2. Hydration and protection with a day cream with a rich texture, even better if with sunscreen, to offer adequate protection against sun, wind, cold, pollution.
3. In the evening: cleansing and make-up removal with a cleansing oil/makeup remover
4. Nourishing and support at night with an anti-aging or regenerating nourishing cream

MORE TIP: once or twice a week shock action through the use of masks
(anti-aging, nutrients, replumping) or special treatments. once a week peeling or scrub.

The personalized cream for you

Here is a recipe that could be useful to create your own personalized B.easy cream: the best Base for a dry skin cream is a STRONG or MEDIUM formulation, enriched with an Active of your choice:

MOISTURIZER based on Pullulan, a complex sugar, and Hyaluronic Acid;
AGE PROTECT with Candle extract against photo-aging;
ANTI AGEING with Euglena Gracilis extract, a skin repair algae;
LUMINOUS SKIN based on ursine grapes specific against skin colour differences.

2. Oily skin

Let's say it now (maybe it will comfort us): oily skin, compared to dry skin, ages less quickly! The support to the horny layer is better, richer, therefore able to slow down the signs of time. However, as we know, it has some unpleasant aspects: lucidity and greasiness especially in the so-called T-zone (forehead - nose - chin), pimples, enlarged pores. These are blemishes typical of the adolescent phase, when hormonal imbalances induce excessive sebum production. Generally oily skin normalizes over time and rarely needs drastic treatment.

But if you are no longer a teenager and you are still struggling with unwanted blackheads, here is some advice for you.

Daily skin care: cleanliness

The watchword is CLEANING
: constant, deep, accurate. The pores of the skin must be properly oxygenated so that they do not generate impurities which, if neglected, can cause inflammatory states more or less accentuated (and in this case even a good cosmetic is not enough, you need to consult a dermatologist). Good habits when you have oily skin are expected:

1. morning cleansing with an enzymatic detergent (excellent for oily skin, it regulates excessive sebum) + tonic, also alcoholic, with astringent properties (for example lemon or witch hazel)
2. purification and protection with a lightly formulated day cream that does not occlude pores already "oppressed" by the constant presence of sebum. The presence of a sun filter completes the performance
3. evening cleansing and make-up removal with a scrub and then an astringent tonic
4. nourishment and support at night with a nourishing cream with purifying and sebum-normalizing properties

: once or twice a week natural clay masks, which absorbs oiliness and purifies the pores. Peeling and scrub 2-3 times a week.

The personalized cream for you

You can create your own B.easy cream for oily skin from an ULTRA SOFT or SOFT GEL Base, to which you will add an Active of your choice from the following formulations:

PERFECT SKIN with Salicylic Acid with purifying and sebum regulating effect;
ANTISMOG with Moringa seed oil extract;
REJUVENATING with Pyruvic Acid with peeling effect.

3. Mixed skin

Badly common... This is the type of skin that most women have: shinier and more impure in the forehead and nose area; dry and dull on cheekbones, chin and eye area. A double targeted action is a must...

Daily skin care: flexibility

The password is: FLEXIBILITY
. In general, we use the beauty routine suitable for dry skin except in the "T-zone" (forehead-nase-mentum) which, instead, being fatter, should be treated with the precautions recommended for this type of skin.

The personalised cream for you

If you have oily and impure skin, we advise you to create a personalised B.easy cream with a SOFT or ULTRASOFT Base while the Actives are all indicated and functional... (see full list of Actives[link]). It's up to you to choose the result you want to achieve the most: fight the signs of aging, reduce skin blemishes, restore radiance to the complexion...

4. Sensitive skin

Is a change in temperature between the cold outside and the heat of a room enough for your face to suddenly turn red? Does your skin tend to irritate and crack easily? It can depend on genetic factors, especially in young people or clear phototypes, but also on the aggressiveness of external agents (sun, cold, wind, smog) or even the use of unsuitable cosmetics, with perhaps too high concentrations of active ingredients or perfume. It is naively believed that the so-called "natural" products are suitable for the most delicate skin, the "synthetic" ones less suitable, but this is by no means the discriminating factor. Unfortunately, sensitive skins do not tolerate excessive stimuli, which can derive indifferently from natural or synthetic ingredients.

Daily skin care: moderation

The password is MODERATION
. The golden rule to restore the well-being of sensitive skin is to adopt simple formulations, with few active ingredients: the result is still obtained, but in a little longer time. So, patience and constancy, and you'll see that little by little, it's only the compliments that will make your face blush!

1. morning cleansing with micellar water
2. hydration and daytime protection with a cream with a fairly light texture but offering good protection, especially against external agents. The presence of a sun filter is strongly recommended!
3. evening cleansing with cleansing milk, night cream with calming decongestant action

: apply a desensitizer/calmant mask once or twice a week; scrub and peeling are not for you.

The personalised cream that's right for you

If you want your sensitive skin to regain its delicate balance, nourish it consistently with a B,easy cream with a MEDIUM or SOFT base, combined with one of these Actives:

SENSITIVE SKIN based on Tetrapeptide with repairing and soothing action;
ANTISMOG with Moringa seed oil extract;
AGE PROTECT with Candle extract against photo-aging.

5. Mature skin

It has lost tone, volume and turgidity, luminosity... A few small spots and wrinkles highlight the signs of time and the dryness makes the complexion duller.

Daily skin care: support and volume

The password (double this time) is SUPPORT AND VOLUME
. It is necessary to provide the skin with all those natural elements that with time are no longer made available by the body, or in a very limited way: collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 are the substances that begin to be scarce in mature skin. For them, this is the ideal skin care:

1. Morning cleansing with cleansing milk and non-alcoholic tonic.
2. daytime moisturization and protection with a cream with a compact texture, which provides support for the skin and protection against external agents, even better if with sunscreen
3. evening cleansing with cleansing milk and night cream with anti-ageing, firming, replumping action

: in mature skin it is very important to use masks or special treatments once or twice a week, giving priority to exfoliating peelings, both mechanical and chemical. Excellent those with fruit acids, stimulating the cellular turn over. In the presence of dyschromia, there are also serums or illuminating and uniforming creams to be applied only in the area to be treated.

The personalized cream for you

Mature skin requires very targeted attention, here are the tips to create a personalized B.easy cream. To a STRONG or MEDIUM Base you can associate one of the following Actives:

ANTIRUGHE with Cassia Angustifolia extract, a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid;
CONTOUR AND VOLUME with bio-mimetic Tetrapeptide, stimulant for the formation of collagen;
REJUVENATING with Pyruvic Acid with peeling effect; ANTIAGEING with Euglena Gracilis extract, an algae with skin repair action;
LUMINOUS SKIN based on ursine grapes specific against skin colour differences.