Sunscreens for a summer-proof tan

“The sun entered my veins and turned everything into gold” (Elizabeth Von Armin).

The tan, whether intense or golden, is a goal for many of us to pursue during the summer period. It is good, however, to take into consideration that exposure to the sun's rays is not without risks: below we will see what they are and what measures to take to protect our skin.

The intensity of the tan depends on the phototype to which it belongs. 6 different phototypes were highlighted.

Phototype 1

It is characterized by milky / reddish skin, with blond or red hair, gray / blue eyes and the presence of many freckles. Who belongs to this phototype has extremely delicate skin, tans hardly and is prone to sunburn.

Phototype 2

The skin is very light, with freckles, the hair is blond, the eyes are blue / green. The tan is mild, is obtained with difficulty and is often accompanied by sunburn.

Phototype 3

The skin is medium light with few freckles, the hair is dark blond / brown, the eyes are dark green. The tan is gradual, tending to golden, with a tendency to burn.

Phototype 4

The skin is olive with very few freckles, the hair is brown, the eyes are brown. The tan is quite intense and quick, with rare sunburns.

Phototype 5

The skin is dark, the hair black and the eyes brown. The tan is immediate and intense; sunburns are very rare.

Phototype 6

The skin is very dark, the hair and eyes are black. The tan is immediate.

Even for people belonging to phototypes characterized by dark skin, the coverage of a sun filter is essential to avoid skin damage, and not only, of slight or high severity.

"Wild" exposure to sunlight, especially UV rays, can lead to sunburn, premature skin aging and even genetic mutations that can lead to melanomas. Solar radiation is also responsible for 80% of facial skin aging: over the years the damage from UV radiation accumulates on the skin of the face causing irregular pigmentation, with the appearance of sun spots, damage to skin components such as collagen and elastin, with the consequent loss of skin elasticity and greater wrinkle formation.

For years, dermatologists have been promoting proper sun exposure through the use of sun creams. In addition to the protection from the aforementioned damage, it is necessary to dispel the "false myth" according to which using sunscreen does not get tanned. With the use of sunscreens, on the contrary, the tan is more lasting and uniform, avoiding possible discoloration.

For a safe tan, DrLauranne proposes the new Helio C line, created for all those who are dedicated to outdoor activities, both in winter and in summer. The Helio C DrLauranne line protects the skin from the intense exposure to sunlight typical of outdoor activities. The line consists of specific dermo-cosmetic products, capable of minimizing the damage caused by UV radiation.