B - EASY , your personalized cream


B- EASY is the first cream entirely customizable for all our customers; the its packaging makes it: unique, recyclable and above all it is plastic free!

By choosing B-EASY the customer is no longer a spectator, but protagonist; you will choose the content of your cream.


It's very simple, it's three steps you'll have to live through:

1) Choice of base

(2) Selection of the active ingredient

3) Choice of desecration


Over the years we have realised that two different points of view can coexist:

THE POINT OF VIEW OF COLUES THAT CREATES A FORMULA: analysing the production of a standard cream, the processes that must be addressed are mainly three: 1. Formulation and creation of the basic cream 2. Addition of active ingredients 3 : choice of a perfume.

THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE FINAL CONSUMER : Observing the attitude of our customers we have understood that each of them performs the same routine:

1. They test the product (applying a small amount on the back of the hand).

2. They smell the product. Consequently, if both of these steps are to their liking they buy the cream.


  • Following the reasoning just made, we thought: why not let the customer choose the ingredients of HIS cream ? In 50 years of hard work we have understood that cosmetics often appear very "closed" in the eyes of the final consumer, and often, this if not satisfied, can lose confidence in a brand and then stop using products; But is it really possible to meet the needs of all of us? Most consumers of any type of product are not 100% satisfied with what they buy. The idea is to reverse the trend and give a voice to consumers, because somehow their choice is always "forced" or in any case addressed. Our mission over the years has been to reverse the trend, and to ensure that every single customer has his or her voice.


Our idea is to create a different approach to the cosmetics market, fragmenting the classic final product and dividing the 3 steps of its creation (the base, the active and the perfume). If the consumer has allergies, or particularly sensitive skin, the choice of the right product is simple and the "problem" is solved at its root.



STRONG: for dry, dehydrated skin, over 45, very suitable even in cold / dry climates, absorbs in 5-10 min

MEDIUM: for normal, dry or sensitive skin, over 35, suitable for continental climate, absorbs in 5-10 min.

SOFT: suitable for all skin types, from 30 years on, all types of climate, absorbs in 5 minutes


ULTRA SOFT : suitable for all skin types, age 20 years and over, it is suitable for all weather conditions, especially hot/humid, it absorbs in 2 min.

SOFT GEL: suitable for all skin types, especially for those with small impurities or imperfections, age 20 years and older, for all weather conditions, absorbs in 1 minute


AGE-PROTECT : with Candle extract against photo-aging

ANTIRUGHE : with Cassia Angustifolia extract as a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid.

ANTISMOG : with Moringa seed oil extract

CONTORNO & VOLUME : with bio-mimetic Tetrapeptide, stimulant for the formation of collagen

HYDRATING : based on Pullulan, a complex sugar, and Hyaluronic Acid.

LUMINOUS LEATHER : based on specific ursine grapes against skin colour deformities

PERFECT SKIN : with Salicylic Acid with purifying and sebum-regulating effect.

SENSITIVE LEATHER : based on Tetrapeptide with repairing and soothing action

REJUVENATING : with Pyruvic Acid with peeling effect

RESTRUCTURING : with extract of Euglena Gracilis, a skin repair algae.


CASHMIR : precious oriental fragrance, light and impalpable, woody note mixed with white flowers, mysterious and enveloping aura.

GUAIACO WOOD : pinkish, fine, discreet, slightly powdery scent, with spicy accents, a luminous and graceful woody note.

INCENSE AND BLACK PEOPLE: penetrating, warm, sweet and balsamic tone, combined with fresh, spicy, woody notes, a vibrant and persistent essence.

INDULGING : sensual and luxurious essence, delicate and at the same time dynamic, vital, energetic, flowery-citrusy note

VANIGLIA AND ZENZERO: a meeting of sweet, warm and rich notes of vanilla and spicy, woody, pungent notes of ginger, an elegant but lively aromatic mix.