Why you should prefer Made in Italy Products

Made in Italy Cosmetics: why you should prefer them

When we decide to buy a cosmetic, we can rely on different parameters of choice: active ingredients, price, reviews, and so on. However, before making the purchase, we should first make sure that the cosmetic we want to buy is Made in Italy. Let's see together the advantages of cosmetics produced in Italy.



Made in Italy cosmetics are subjected to stricter and more accurate controls than products from other countries. Scrupulous quality controls are carried out during all stages of the production chain, from the selection of raw materials, of which our country is rich, to processing. The product is then thoroughly tested and certified. For this reason, it can be said that Made in Italy cosmetics are safer than imported products.


The careful choice of excellent raw materials and the strict controls of the production phase result in a high quality product. Added to this is innovation, the study of the trends and desires of the end customer. These characteristics ensure that Made in Italy cosmetics are renowned worldwide.PASSION
You know, the Italian people are passionate and when they have to produce something they put effort and dedication into it. By choosing Made in Italy we enhance this commitment and feed the passion of artisans and entrepreneurs who believe in their work.


The Made in Italy product is more expensive, this is true, but we must keep in mind that in its price it contains the uniqueness, safety and quality that are guaranteed throughout the production chain: from the procurement of raw materials to production. and distribution on the national and international territory. Buying Made in Italy you have the advantage of having an original product, very different from poor quality clone products manufactured in other countries through the exploitation of natural resources, or labor, and with poor raw materials.


Made in Italy is synonymous with excellence all over the world: just think of countries such as France, Germany, United States, China and the United Arab Emirates where the trend of importing cosmetics produced in our country is constantly increasing.

Italian culture and tradition, characterized by a passion for art, style and aesthetics at 360 degrees, are handed down from generation to generation and are the basis of the quality and uniqueness of the products created in our country.

The advantages of buying Made in Italy are therefore innumerable: safe, authentic and valuable products. This is why we at DrLauranne have been producing high quality cosmetics directly in our laboratories in Rome since 1971. Find out more on our online shop.