The benefits of mandelic acid for the skin of the face

Mandelic acid is part of the alpha-hydroxy acid family, known as "fruit acids". The mandel root, “mandel”, in German “almond”, reveals its origin: this active is in fact extracted from bitter almonds. It is a very flexible active ingredient and for this reason it is often present in cosmetic formulations.


Its properties are different: exfoliating, purifying and anti-aging. Let's see them in detail.


Oily skin is often characterized by annoying blemishes, such as acne, blackheads and greasiness. Acne can appear at any age, but it particularly affects adolescents. This imperfection, if not adequately treated with specific products, can worsen and cause annoying imperfections, such as irregularities and skin scars. The sebum, produced in excess, joins with impurities and dead cells present on the surface, obstructing the pores: thus leading to the formation of comedones, better known as blackheads.

Mandelic acid, thanks to its antibacterial properties, is able to slow down the proliferation of the bacterium responsible for acne. This active also purifies the skin of blackheads by eliminating the impurities present inside the pores. The treatments based on mandelic acid guarantee a deep cleansing of the skin, going to reduce imperfections such as acne, blackheads and dilated pores.


Mandelic acid has extraordinary natural exfoliating properties and its action, unlike that of other alpha-hydroxy acids, is particularly delicate and also suitable for sensitive skin. Furthermore, mandelic acid is not photosensitizing, so it can be used in any season to reduce surface spots, hyperpigmentation (melasma) and fine lines of expression. Peelings containing low concentration mandelic acid (10%) can be carried out once a week on the skin thoroughly cleansed and removed from make-up, avoiding the eye contour area and rinsing thoroughly with water after a few minutes. After finishing the exfoliating treatment, it may be useful to apply a soothing cream.


Mandelic acid is useful for combating and reducing fine and superficial wrinkles: its delicate exfoliating action allows you to eliminate dead cells and renew the skin surface. This active also stimulates the production of collagen, leaving the skin smoother and more compact.