Face cream for sensitive skin: properties and benefits

Is your skin delicate and fragile, and is it enough to treat it with little care or subject it to external aggressions to see it redden and irritate? Most likely you have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is referred to as "hyper-reactive" because it is often affected by itching, excessive tightness, redness or other unpleasant manifestations and usually has allergy or intolerance to common skincare products.

If you have sensitive skin you need to care for it carefully. To protect it you need a face cream for sensitive skin that is gentle and hypoallergenic, rich in nourishing and protective active ingredients such as omega 3 and omega 6, and emollient, antioxidant and soothing extracts such as horse chestnut, hops, chamomile, beta-glucan and vitamin C. Thanks to the action of these active ingredients, your skin will be nourished, soft, smooth, and look healthier and brighter.


Face cream suitable for sensitive skin aims to soothe the skin and preserve its hydrolipidic film, the barrier that protects it and keeps it healthy.

Sensitive skin often has an alteration of its hydrolipid film. This can happen because of an imbalance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in the protective barrier, which are responsible for the smoothness and elasticity of the skin and keeping it healthy and beautiful. A good product sensitive skin restores this balance by providing both omega three and omega six: the result will be well-nourished, more elastic, smoother and softer skin.

DrLauranne's signature Hydrè line contains OMEGA BLUE, one of the newest and most effective ingredients for treating sensitive skin. It is a new calming and restorative agent extracted from the arctic blueberry, a true gem from the pristine boreal forests. It has excellent desensitizing action, improves hydration and protects skin integrity; it contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which form a protective barrier against external agents. It prevents skin dryness, irritation, flaking and other manifestations associated with damage to the hydrolipid barrier.
In addition to a good supply of omega 3 and omega 6, the ideal face cream for sensitive skin contains some active ingredients such as:

horse chestnut: an active with soothing, strengthening and protective action on the skin, it fights redness and capillary fragility.
hops: has antioxidant, protective and soothing properties.
chamomile: active with soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating action on the skin, it acts on rosacea by mitigating redness.
vitamin C: one of the most important actives in cosmetics, prized for its moisturizing, protective, anti-reddening, antioxidant, firming and brightening properties.
beta-glucan: set of moisturizing, protective, immuno-stimulating and healing actives.

For DrLauranne sensitive skin :

Cream for sensitive and delicate skin Emollient and desensitizing cream based on Omega Blue and extracts of horse chestnut, hops and chamomile, having marked softening and calming properties and making this product particularly suitable in cases of skin redness, even in the presence of rosacea.
Vitamin C moisturizing day cream with decongestant and moisturizing action Immune-protective formulation with decongestant and antioxidant properties. Based on Omega-Blue, Vitamin C and beta-glucan, it has moisturizing/preventive anti-aging action. It is indicated for sensitive and hyper-reactive skin.
If you have sensitive skin take a look at the entire Hydrè Omega Blue line for sensitive skin: discover cleansers, toners, serums, day creams, night creams and more!

With the references of the Hydrè line you can build, according to your needs, the perfect skincare for your delicate and unique skin.