Remedies for cellulite: which are the most effective?

The warm season is just around the corner and good resolutions to get in shape arise: healthy diet, gym, outdoor walks and plenty of water to drink. However, there is one blemish that despite perseverance and good will is quite difficult to eradicate: cellulite. In this article we will discuss the most common types of cellulite and the most effective remedies to combat and alleviate orange peel skin.


Cellulite appears when there is stagnation of excess fluid, toxins and metabolic waste in the connective tissue. This stagnation does not allow the tissues to flush out the toxins, and to absorb nutrients and oxygen: as a result, the skin appears dull and without tone.

At the stagnation of fluid and toxins, fat cells swell and become inflamed leading to the formation of the fibrous-edematous nodules typical of cellulite.

So cellulite is not just a blemish, but a real inflammatory state that can have several causes, let's see them below.


As we have said, the causes of cellulite can be different. The most common are:

hormonal imbalances
poor diet
poor hydration
genetic predisposition
bad habits (smoking, pants that are too tight)
The more these causes are present together the greater the likelihood of the appearance of this blemish; it is therefore necessary to act on several fronts, going to correct diet and hydration, and going to increase the 'physical activity.

However, this is not enough in many cases as it is also necessary to act locally, with remedies and treatments aimed at draining, reshaping and toning the areas affected by this blemish. Below we will look at the most common types of cellulite and the most effective remedies.


Cellulite can be of three different types:

diffuse cellulite
localized cellulite
mixed cellulite
Dr.Lauranne's signature treatments are specific for each type of cellulite.

Before starting a treatment, it is necessary to remove devitalized cells to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply.

Try the Body Scrub with Almond and Apricot Kernel Microgranules, an exfoliating body cream with almond and apricot kernel microgranules for deep, gentle cleansing of the skin. It removes both dead skin cells and skin impurities. It is especially recommended before starting a body treatment. It is suitable for all skin types.

Diffuse cellulite

The most common form of cellulite is diffuse cellulite (60% of cases) recognizable in turn in three different cases:

TYPE A: affects the lower body, especially the knees, hips, calves and ankles.
TYPE B: affects the thighs, hips and buttocks, causing the characteristic body conformation called "pad." TYPE C: is the most common type of cellulite, affecting the entire lower body and is the sum of TYPE A + TYPE B
Remedies for diffuse cellulite

To treat diffuse cellulite, two active ingredients extracted from horse chestnut, escin and lecithin, are particularly useful, which in synergy have beneficial anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, vasoprotective and vasotonic properties.

DrLauranne offers the following.

Lipo Active - Modeling cream for soft and diffuse cellulite: modeling cream for diffuse cellulite, with escin and lecithin derived from horse chestnut, a superb venotonic agent. This cream promotes the outflow of stagnant fluids in the tissue and is particularly effective in treating edematous situations.

Localized cellulite

Localized cellulite (20 percent of cases) shows the formation of well-defined cellulite knots that appear in areas such as the face, around the eyes, the nape of the neck, the chest, the breasts, the abdomen, the back, and the pelvic joint, and is more prevalent in women who do not suffer from obesity.

Remedies for localized cellulite

Caffeine, carnitine, and tea- hydroiodide are allies in the treatment of localized cellulite, as they promote fat mobilization and decrease localized adiposity. Specifically:

caffeine is draining, lipolytic and has a toning action.
carnitine improves microcirculation, promotes fat disposal and has draining action.
tea-hydroiodide acts on adipocytes by stimulating fat disposal and normalizing subcutaneous adipose tissue.
DrLauranne offers the following.

Celluprò +3 Draining cream-gel for localized cellulite: a gentle body massage cream with caffeine extract, carnitine and tea-hydroiodide, substances that can promote the gradual mobilization of fats, aimed at eliminating localized adipose lumps and cellulite blemishes.

Mixed cellulite

Mixed cellulite is detectable in the remaining 20% of cases and affects both the upper and lower body. Those most affected by mixed cellulite are women with obesity and unbalanced eating habits.

Remedies for mixed cellulite

To treat mixed cellulite, it is necessary to act on both the upper and lower parts of the body with targeted remedies, such as those based on lake algae and caffeine:

lake algae are actives that possess several actions: antioxidant, purifying, anti-inflammatory and balancing the metabolism.
Caffeine, as we mentioned, has toning, draining and lipolytic actions.
DrLauranne offers the following.

Multi Active - Multiple Action Body Gel: multiple action body gel, active against major blemishes such as cellulite, loss of tone, striae. Suitable for all skin types.
Reducing body foam: reducing foam for localized adiposity, with lake algae. It absorbs quickly, does not require intense massaging and is also suitable for hyper skin