Regenerating the skin in spring: here are the ideal treatments

Dull, grey, thickened, or reddened by wind and cold. During the winter the skin has become more sensitive and dull, it has lost freshness and radiance.

How can you awaken your skin in spring and restore its healthy appearance and fresh complexion, ready to be caressed by the sun? And above all: what is the ideal face cream for spring?

What your skin needs in spring

To renew! After the greys of winter, the watchword for facial treatments in spring is: deep cleansing. Open pores and free of impurities allow better oxygenation, which stimulates cell renewal and gives a regenerating whiplash to asphyxiated skin.

The first ally of the skin in spring is the scrub, to be done once or twice a week: even before the right face cream in spring, remember to start with this simple gesture, which will take you a few minutes but must be done with care and constancy... So no more laziness!

If your skin is not too delicate, you can use an exfoliation with an acid treatment for an even more effective action. Exfoliated skin breathes and is more receptive to the products we are going to apply afterwards. In addition, acids, such as glycolic acid, stimulate cell renewal - the so-called turn-over - restoring a face that is bright and velvety to the touch, ready to be nourished by a good face cream for spring.

But be careful! If you have clear and very sensitive skin, or at least notice that after the winter it is reddened, irritated, forget scrubs and acid solutions, which would be too extreme: turn to facial treatments for spring based on desensitizing products, soothing and moisturizing masks, to be repeated until the skin has lost that unpleasant redness indicator of hypersensitivity.

Tip: Preferably avoid over-scented products. The mix of alcohol and essences that make up the fragrance could be aggressive at this stage on very delicate skin.

Facial treatments in spring with DrLauranne

Would you ever have guessed that the discreet little earth slug possessed incredible regenerative properties for the skin? According to a study published in the journal of pharmacology "The International Society of Skin", the fluid the ground snail secretes protects against free radicals, environmental pollution and UV radiation.

DrLauranne's laboratories have developed the HELIXIR line based on Snail Mucopolysaccharide (natural snail secretion) which has valuable properties to renew the skin in spring, including:

It accelerates the renewal of damaged tissues

Opens the occluded pores

Accelerates cell renewal

Returns elasticity to the skin

Acts as a sebum regulator

Improves cellular activity thanks to its anti-oxidant action

HELIXIR day and night face creams are ideal to invigorate the skin in spring and you can combine them with other products of the same line for an effective complete treatment.

Create your own face cream for spring with B.easy

After preparing your face with the treatments we have described, your skin is ready to receive and better absorb the active ingredients of the face cream. Which are the most suitable for the skin in spring?

B.easy for tired, devitalised skin:

ACTIVE No. 5 with pyruvic acid, exfoliant

ACTIVE No. 9 with salicylic acid, exfoliant and purifier

B.easy for sensitive skin:

ACTIVE No.8 with repairing / calming tetra peptides

ACTIVE No. 1 moisturizing, with pullulan and hyaluronic acid

Create in three clicks your personalized B.easy by choosing the texture and scent!

And for the body?

Like the face, the body also needs oxygenation: forced for a long time in heavy winter clothes, it has to get rid of the dead cells that make the skin dry and dull. Here too, a good body scrub at least two to three times a week will immediately give you a pleasant feeling of new freshness. And don't forget that regenerating and smoothing the skin is also the best strategy for a golden tan in summer!

Speaking of beach and swimsuit fitting: don't put off reducing and smoothing treatments at the last minute!

Body treatments in spring with DrLauranne

A concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements: let's talk about algae!

In the West they are only recently discovering their beneficial properties for cosmetic use but in the East they have always been widely used. This is why:

They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin...

act on deficiencies that can cause broken capillaries, dry and scaly skin

act as catalysts by speeding up biological reactions for maximum skin penetration of treatment products

stimulate circulation and oxygen flow to the deepest layers of the skin

promote the elimination of toxins with a purifying effect on the skin

DrLauranne's LIPOLYSS line
is based on algae, with a range of products specifically designed for skin treatments in spring, such as the purifying and smoothing Lipolyss Body Scrub, to be used before or during the shower, even with a glove or sponge. Revitalizes and oxygenates the skin, eliminating impurities and dead cells, giving radiance and silkiness.