Beauty face mask, our advice on how to choose the right one.

The objective of a cosmetic mask is to release all the active ingredients it contains onto the skin within the expected time frame.

This is made possible by the massive consistency of the mask, which unlike a cream, is not formulated to be absorbed by the skin. On the contrary, the mask provides occlusion, so that the active ingredients do not evaporate in contact with air, and the time of application is designed to allow perfect absorption. In summary, it is an intensive treatment with a rapid effect, which should be performed at least once a week.

There are many types of mask, all equally effective depending on the activity required, and the combinable active ingredients are endless, so you can easily make a mask for every skin problem.


One of the masks that gave us the most satisfaction, is the ALOE & CAMOMILLA mask, a very fresh gel mask, with raw corn flakes in suspension.

The aloe and chamomile extracts moisturize and refresh the skin, the corn flakes release starch, an excellent soothing and calming agent. It 's an absolute MUST if we spent the day in the sun and the skin is reddened and dehydrated, it is always to be noted that the more hydrated the skin, the more durable will be our tan, so do not forget a little extra care, which will certainly benefit our complexion.

Another very popular mask is the green clay one, excellent purifying and smoothing natural, which releases on the skin minerals and oligo elements that putrid sweating and sun exposure make us lose daily, especially in summer.

TIP: We like the sun and the sea and have fun, but the skin is under great stress, especially if we are not used to being outdoors.

To restore moisture and nourishment to the skin, we use a moisturising serum in the morning and a nourishing cream in the evening, we apply a moisturising / decongestant mask on returning from the beach and a remineralising mask once a week.

IMPORTANT! We always remember that the skin is our calling card, and prevention is an essential criterion for maintaining its natural well-being.


Dr Lauranne advises you:

1. in the morning QUANTUM TOTI POWERFUL red grape stem cell serum

2. in the evening QUANTUM night cream, regenerating and nourishing, anti-ageing action

3. as a post-sun moisturizer MASK ALOE & CAMOMILLA

4. as an intensive restorative action: GREEN CLAY MASK

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