Skin care after the summer: the beneficial effects of snail slime on the skin

After you've had your fill of sunshine, now you have to quench your skin!
Sea, mountain or lake, if the sun has accompanied your holiday, now is the time to think about quenching your skin.

Among the many natural ingredients that facilitate the reintegration of skin hydration, we want to emphasize the secretion of snail or "slime", which for some years now has proven to be a very valid element for the beauty routine of women of all ages.

Why is snail secretion so popular in cosmetics?

Since ancient times snails have always been considered a therapeutic resource, and snail slime has always been used as a cicatrizing or to soothe burns and redness. Snail secretion has incredible regenerative properties; according to many scientific studies, the fluid that the snail secretes protects against free radicals, environmental pollution and UV radiation.

This would be the reason why the snail is not prone to skin infections, even after crossing the most rugged surfaces.

How does snail secretion affect the skin?

When snail mucopolysaccharide extract reaches the fibroblasts, it increases their proliferation and functional capacity. Fibroblasts are responsible for the formation of all those elements that are part of the skin matrix, including collagen, elastin, GAGs and proteins.

What effects does snail secretion have on the skin?

  • Through its anti-oxidant action, it helps to maintain healthy skin, improving cellular activity.

  • Smoothes and prevents skin deformities, including acne and post-acne situations

  • Repairs damage from excessive sun exposure, preventing damage and photo-induced roughness

  • Accelerates the renewal of damaged tissue

  • Opens the occluded pores

  • Accelerates cell renewal

  • Returns elasticity to the skin

  • Prevents and smoothes stretch marks

  • Acts as a sebum regulator

This natural balm, rich in allantoin, a natural protein, vitamins, collagen, elastin and glycolic acid, can be considered a non-invasive alternative for those who have problems with sensitization to, for example, retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids.

In fact, snail secretion is not only effective but also very safe, as it is completely compatible with the cellular component. Products containing snail mucopolysaccharide offer a new alternative to classic cosmetic treatments, using the natural turn-over process in a more complete and balanced way.


For some years now we have been using this extraordinary ingredient in the HELIXIR line, which consists of a regenerating day cream, a nourishing night cream, an elasticizing and plumping serum specific for the lip contour, but also suitable for the rest of the face, and to complete your daily beauty routine, a smoothing cleansing milk and a regenerating tonic water.

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