Did you make the change of season yet?

Similar to what normally happens in our wardrobe, our beauty routine should also follow the changing seasons.

In fact, climatic factors such as heat, humidity, or cold, wind and dry air, overwhelmingly affect our skin, which often reacts to environmental stress in an uncontrolled way.

Selecting different products according to the current season is not just a "whim", but a real need, scientifically proven.

Very often we hear our customers complain about an excessive greasiness of the skin during the summer, "even using the same cream as always". In fact, the mistake is exactly that - it would be like wearing a coat in August, complaining about excessive perspiration!

So, it seems obvious, but this is not always the case, the solution is to adopt lighter formulations, like those typical of sera.

The biggest difference between a serum and a cream, or lotion, is what the serum formulation does not include. Serums are free of occlusive fatty ingredients, being mostly aqueous formulations.

They are the best choice on a broad spectrum, especially in the summer season, on all skin types; in particular, they are light and at the same time very effective in the case of impure skin.

They are also products of a certain intrinsic value. If applied correctly, a 30 ml serum can last for months, as it is a concentrated product, and only a small amount is sufficient for each use. Note that for mature or extremely dry skin, or in winter, using only one serum may not be sufficient. In these cases it is recommended to use a serum as a booster supplement, applying one layer before your usual cream or lotion.

The serums are highly performing in many fields of application, smoothing wrinkles, minimizing skin tone differences, always being easy to absorb and invisible. They are always an excellent pre-makeup base.


We recommend, for example:

1. Moonlife Liftsol serum - hyaluronic acid lifting formulation, which lifts and minimizes small wrinkles and expression lines

2. the Quantum Toti Powerful Serum - energizing anti-aging serum, with red grape stem cells, excellent tissue regenerator

3. the Just Perfect Skin Perfector serum, iluminating serum, suitable for skin with skin deformity or dull complexion

4. Blemish serum, with salicylic acid, for small facial imperfections, but also neck and décolleté

and many others too, each one suitable for one type of skin imperfection.

You can consult the serums section on our SHOP and if you have any questions, we are always available!